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About Us

About Us

We are often able to bring a favorable conclusion to many financing projects that might otherwise not move forward.  We look forward to creating your business financial solution.  Please contact us.

Excellent customer service, professionalism and client satisfaction are what M. Weiss Funding strives for.

Mark Weiss is the CEO of M. Weiss Funding, LLC.  For more than 25 years Mark Weiss has provided a variety of financial products and services to thousands of satisfied clients.  Our commitment is to provide to all of our clients timely and professional responses to their inquiries.  mark-weissOver the years it has become apparent that there is no single financing package that fits all sets of circumstances.  The financial needs of the established business owner will differ greatly from the financial needs of the start-up business.  Therefore, we have evolved to become an “expeditor” in providing business financing for buying equipment, an existing business or a franchise.

What makes M. Weiss Funding unique is our ability to arrange and provide more than one financial product to our clients.  For example, we can potentially satisfy a client’s need to build or buy an existing business along with commercial real estate.  A re-location of an existing business can also be financed.

Financing is available to cover all types of business equipment, such as equipment for printing, medical and dental practices and for prominent food franchises.  We offer equipment financing to small and medium-sized businesses for terms from 24 to 84 months.  This financing generally ranges from $25,000 to $1 million dollars.